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Generating 86% more MQLs by revamping a healthtech company’s website

Healthmark Group is a Dallas-based healthtech company—one of the fastest growing in the region—adding products to their suite of healthcare solutions. They deliver patient-centric software that streamlines check-in and records management for a better overall experience.

Building a plan for more, more, more

When Healthmark Group came to us, they had recently acquired an additional product and needed help updating their messaging. (Updating brand messaging to include more product lines? You love to see it.) 

But in the bigger picture, they needed a marketing plan that would support their business development goals (what company doesn’t?). Specifically, they want to drive more conversation-ready leads and ideal-fit demo requests.

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Strong presence, strong leads

Accelity established and documented a strong brand strategy and digital presence. We applied the new brand strategy and to an updated website, which also featured our organic SEO strategy. We created more marketing collateral, including case studies that highlight just how much impact HealthMark Group solutions had on its clients (a ton) and demonstrate social trust. Combined with a full campaign strategy featuring blogs, email and LinkedIn ads, we drove digital engagement and improved site visibility.

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All of these kick-SaaS strategies have led to a year-over-year increase in organic search, email marketing and social media sessions. Oh yeah, and a lot more MQLs—86% more in one month. 

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