For 20 years Digital Measures by Watermark has been the leader in faculty activity reporting. They’ve partnered with universities across the world, including 3 of the 5 largest U.S. universities, and countless others, to streamline faculty information collection and make staff promotion easier.

the challenge

Digital Measures by Watermark initially partnered with Accelity to build out their marketing strategy and set themselves apart as a thought leader.

our process

Accelity supported the Digital Measures by Watermark sales team by producing content and executing email marketing. Since then, Accelity has helped the business scale by providing ongoing marketing support.

increased brand awareness

improved company story

modernized website design

produced quality, engaging video content

supported annual User Group Conference

created regular content offers

supplemental web design

Accelity designed and fleshed out supplemental pages of the Digital Measures by Watermark website that were coherent and cohesive within the existing site.

acquisition transition

Through Watermark’s acquisition of Digital Measures by Watermark, Accelity worked to brand materials accordingly to ensure they were usable both by Digital Measures and Watermark where necessary.

conference materials

Accelity created business cards, flyers, table banners and other miscellaneous marketing materials for use at conferences Digital Measures by Watermark attended.