Retention Services


Increase revenue by deepening customer loyalty

Retention is an area that not enough B2B software and service companies focus on, and it hurts them. Businesses want to sell, sell, sell—but by focusing only on new sales, they miss out on the opportunity to engage and leverage current customers. Accelity helps B2B companies create a retention strategy that maintains their current customers and turns them into brand evangelists.


Onboarding & Training Automation


Improve adoption rates with easy-to-understand content

Simplify customer training by building a plan tailored to your product/service

Automate your onboarding process for new customers


Net Promoter Surveys & Follow-up Automation


Gauge customer satisfaction about your product/service using net promoter score surveys

Receive feedback automatically with a customized follow-up process

Encourage referrals from satisfied customers through workflow automation


Newsletters & Automated Outreach


Delight customers with valuable industry and company-related newsletters

Drive regular engagement with past, current and future customers

Streamline your renewal process through automated email drips

And More!

Beyond Maintaining

Don’t just maintain your current customer basewe’ll help turn your current customers into brand promoters:

  • Gain more awareness and boost word-of-mouth referrals
  • Engage more customers and receive continuous feedback, allowing you to improve your product or service
  • Increase social proof for your product or service by encouraging online reviews
  • And more
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