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$4,000 / MONTH
1 yr. commitment plus a one-time
onboarding fee of $3,000
With Start we’ll help you create an inbound marketing foundation for your business.


  • Develop a marketing plan that focuses on building an audience and generating leads
  • Execute an effective content marketing strategy each month
  • Implement best practices to qualify your leads faster
$6,000 / MONTH
1 yr. commitment plus a one-time
onboarding fee of $3,000
Small to mid-sized businesses use the Grow package to provide pre-qualified leads to sales.


  • Expand your reach with a larger content offer and more promotion channels
  • Receive dedicated time for additional planning and customization
  • Optimize your campaigns with curated testing
$10,000 / MONTH
1 yr. commitment
(onboarding fee included)
Scale takes businesses to the next stage of growth by optimizing marketing for maximum results.


  • Engage your buyers with a wide range of content options (including video!)
  • Execute advanced marketing workflows for deeper audience targeting
  • Increase efficiency with comprehensive sales enablement services
Get set up for success in your first month:
  • Copywriting and design guide
  • Three buyer personas
  • HubSpot technical implementation
  • HubSpot design including emails and landing pages
  • Simple lead scoring
  • Contact list upload
  • Content brainstorm
Monthly lead generation campaigns include:
  • Content offer up to 500 words (checklist, infographic, or similar)
  • A landing page and thank you page
  • One 500 word blog
  • On-page SEO & keyword research
  • Social posts for one platform
  • A two-email campaign (if client has email contacts) OR a social media ad campaign
  • NEW! Testing and optimization on one campaign aspect (email, landing page or ads)
  • Analytics reporting to measure and evaluate success
A full gameplan is provided with GROW, which includes everything in START, plus:
  • Up to 5 buyer personas
  • Email list segmentation
  • Complex lead scoring
  • Content matrix & roadmap planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website audit & recommendations
Monthly lead generation campaigns include everything in START, plus:
  • Content offer increased to up to 1,000 words (includes ebook, whitepaper)
  • A two-email lead nurturing sequence for every content offer
  • One additional blog and social posts for second platform
  • An additional email and ad campaign
  • NEW! Testing and optimization on two campaign aspects (email, landing page and/or ads)
  • Monthly newsletter creation and sending
  • Up to 5 hours of customized marketing deliverables
Additional Benefits:
  • One pillar page or video, produced quarterly (see sample pillar page here)
  • Two-hour annual planning workshop
SCALE includes everything in GROW, plus:
  • Up to eight buyer personas
  • HubSpot Sales setup including meetings, documents
  • Sales email sequences in HubSpot Sales
  • Sales effectiveness reporting
Monthly lead generation campaigns include everything in GROW, plus:
  • Advanced lead nurturing sequences
  • One additional blog, email, and social posting platform
  • NEW! Testing and optimization on three campaign aspects (email, landing page and ads)
  • NEW! Up to 10 hours of customizable marketing activities
  • NEW! One pillar page or video per month
Additional Benefits:
  • Half-day annual planning workshop
  • Sales process automation in HubSpot Sales Pro

Getting Started


A marketing plan that defines target markets, buyer personas, lead scoring (and more), then maps your first year of inbound.


One-time project



Supercharge your sales process with HubSpot Sales setup, email sequence automation, collateral creation, reporting dashboards and more.

$1,000+ / month


We’ll deliver one video a month and execute a strategy designed to build brand awareness, attract & delight customers, and engage website visitors.

$1,000+ / month

Retention SERVICES

Protect your bottom line, gain more word-of-mouth referrals and engage your customers through curated retention services.

$1,000+ / month


Get started with your sales & marketing essentials. Includes a 2-page sell-sheet, pitch deck and creation of sales emails.


One-time project


Create an audience from scratch or grow an existing one. Starting at 350 organizations with a minimum of one stakeholder per organization.


One-time project


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Will Accelity perform additional marketing activities if needed?

Accelity completes activities to meet the ultimate goal: generating leads for our clients. However, we are able to customize services beyond that goal, based on our clients’ needs. If you’re curious whether or not we can help you, request a consultation and let’s chat.

Is a HubSpot subscription required?

Yes, a HubSpot subscription is required. HubSpot simplifies tracking leads throughout the marketing and sales funnel and typically pays for itself in reporting time saved!

How much does HubSpot cost?

Accelity clients are required to start at the Pro level to have access to marketing automation capabilities. Accelity will help you negotiate the best possible price, which is based on the number of email contacts that you’ll upload.

See HubSpot pricing here.

Does HubSpot have special pricing for startups?

HubSpot extends startup pricing only for companies that are in or went through an incubator, accelerator or similar programs and have less than $1m in funding. If you think your startup qualifies, check out the HubSpot for Startups pricing.

Will Accelity help me set up my HubSpot account?

Yes, Accelity will complete the full implementation as part of the $3,000 onboarding services. Some Accelity clients never even log into the tool! By the way, that means we can waive HubSpot’s required $3,000 onboarding fee.

Will Accelity set up my social media account(s) if I don’t have any?

If social media accounts are required to run ads, Accelity will set up social media pages. In most cases we assist clients in creating the page and then provide ongoing guidance on best practices.

If I choose social media ads instead of an email campaign, who pays for the ads?

Start allows businesses to run social ads in lieu of emails if the company doesn’t have an email list. In this case, Accelity completes the copy, design and setup for the campaigns, while the client pays for the advertising budget. Accelity recommends a minimum budget of $100 per week.

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