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 Leverage current customers as brand evangelists. 

Don’t let your customers slip through the cracks after signing

Too many B2B SaaS companies focus only on sales and marketing, forgetting about customer retention. When you focus on retention, you can effectively increase your bottom line, actively build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. There are a number of ways your B2B SaaS company can focus on retention and Accelity works with you to find the perfect solution for your organization.


Onboarding & Training Automation

  • Improve adoption rates with easy-to-understand content
  • Automate your onboarding process for new customers
  • Simplify customer training by building a plan tailored to your product/service

Brand Evaluation

  • Gauge customer satisfaction about your product/service using net promoter score surveys
  • Receive feedback automatically with a customized follow-up process
  •  Encourage referrals from satisfied customers through workflow automation

Ongoing Automated Outreach

  • Delight customers with valuable industry and company-related newsletters
  •  Drive regular engagement with past, current and future customers
  •  Streamline your renewal process through automated email drips

See our retention services in action

per month retainer sold within 3 months of implementing sales services

Engage customers to improve your bottom line

Don’t let critical client dollars sneak out the back door by focusing all your energy on new sales.