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Increased close rate

One client saw a 20% increase in close rate after adding Accelity-nurtured leads to their sales funnel

Increase in small business quarterly sales

One small business generated $32,000 in quarterly sales from Accelity-qualified leads

Increased return on investment

300% return on investment
from Accelity-qualified leads for one B2B SaaS client

Amplify your ROI

Predicting your revenue can be, well, unpredictable. Improve revenue forecasting with consistent warm leads each month. Accelity clients continue to see a constant stream of high-quality leads and measurable return on their marketing investment.

One Accelity startup client generated $123,000 in annual recurring revenue from marketing-qualified leads during their first year of engaging with Accelity, and increased their client base by 30%.

Guaranteed Marketing ROI
Increase your sales efficiency with marketing-qualified leads

Increase sales efficiency

With consistent quality leads, your inside B2B sales team wastes less time finding and qualifying new prospects. Accelity clients substantially decrease the time leads spend with sales before closing—thus shortening the sales cycle itself.

Accelity clients typically see website consultation requests increase from few (or none!) to 15+ per month.

See an example of one client’s results here.

Nurtured leads convert better

Build credibility with prospective customers by nurturing leads with content. Our clients find that marketing-qualified leads are 3x more likely to become customers. See these results in action.

Accelity has automated so many of our processes. We have a limited number of salespeople and a huge market; we’ve been able to reach so many more people. Just this last week we had a one-day turn around on a client that came exclusively from Accelity.

Tom Roshar, Dynamis

Nurtured leads convert better, leading to higher marketing ROI
Marketing qualified leads provide higher quality and value.

Our leads are pre-cooked

Marketing-qualified leads are prospects that are delivered directly to your B2B sales team via marketing (and they’re interested, too!). When you add nurtured, marketing-qualified leads to your pipeline, your sales will skyrocket.

HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner

“Accelity really understands the nuances of B2B marketing and how to capture somebody’s attention through value-added content. They’ve increased our power to bring in qualified leads that turn into sales.”

Andy Nunemaker, Dynamis

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