Innovation is in our blood.
We value fresh ideas, taking
risks and originality.


Teamwork is not an
option. Putting our heads
together makes us better.


We don’t believe in luck. We
know that when passion meets
motivation, success follows.

Where It Began

Accelity was founded as a one-woman consulting firm in March of 2013—at that time, the company was known as Jackie Steinmetz Consulting. Jackie translated her background in business-to-business (B2B) marketing into successful relationships with B2B startups and small businesses across the United States. As her client list grew, Jackie brought on staff to support their needs, including writers, designers, developers and more.In December of 2014, Jackie Steinmetz Consulting became Accelity, marking the birth of a new digital marketing agency. Since then, we’ve quadrupled in size (both in clients and staff) and expanded further into the B2B world. Our location in downtown Milwaukee keeps us connected to many of our clients; technology and travel allow us to remain close to clients outside of Milwaukee.



We believe that when you know better, you do better. At Accelity we learn, unlearn and relearn to thrive in the ever-changing world of marketing.

We take charge of our work in any circumstance. At Accelity, there are no excuses and no blame; instead, we collaborate on every initiative to ensure mutual success.

We prefer to earn trust via transparency—both internally and with our clients. At Accelity, we practice extreme communication: we’re honest about challenges and promote successes.

We believe that only the absurdly passionate enjoy their work. At Accelity, we take our work seriously and always deliver a product that we (and our clients) love.

We know, this seems like a no-brainer at a marketing agency... it’s not. At Accelity, every team member focuses on creating content that’s filled with brand personality and delivers results.

We strive for the best in everything that we do. At Accelity, “good enough” is never good enough; we understand and execute within the delicate balance of perfection and results.

We play: a typical day in the office involves ping pong, foosball and a healthy dose of bad jokes. At Accelity, work and fun go hand-in-hand and we prefer clients that share these beliefs.

Our employees love Accelity—here’s why:

I enjoy being a part of the startup community in Milwaukee. It is such a phenomenal feeling to be a part of a community that supports each other and wants to see one another succeed. Accelity brought all this to light to me for an experience completely unknown to me previous to working here.

Patrick, Marketing Strategist

Being valued. At Accelity, since day 1, I’ve felt like a valued member of the team and that my thoughts, opinions and views were respected and accepted. The team is very close-knit and welcoming which has made the job more than enjoyable!

Nathan, Senior Inbound Specialist

As the visual side of our company, I enjoy finding the best way to represent our clients and what they have to offer. Each client is unique, so every day is different!

Becca, Creative Director

I enjoy the people I work with at Accelity—they are bright, funny and love to collaborate. We are constantly learning and growing together, which I love.

Jenny, Director of Strategy & Operations