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 Discover cutting-edge strategies for a highly regulated industry. 

Effective fintech sales & marketing

To sell into a highly regulated industry like finance, you need to build customer trust. Successful fintech marketing should be centered around creating content that proves you’re trustworthy and knowledgeable. We create content that is valuable and educational, rooted in your expertise and processes, to draw contacts in and leave them relying on your knowledge. 

Once your audience trusts you, they’ll interact more with your content, become qualified leads faster, and purchase over a shorter sales cycle.

We understand fintech buyers

Most buyers in this industry are old-fashioned and might need a little extra convincing that technology is the best way. You need to put your brand out there with confidence to gain trust from your contacts, establish brand recognition and generate leads. This can be difficult as the content you create must comply with the SEC, FINRA and other governing bodies. 

Accelity has helped successfully market and sell into a variety of fintech audiences, including banks, credit unions, financial advisors, payments companies and accounting firms.

Take a peek at the success we drove for one fintech company!

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Inbound Marketing Services

Attract prospects and nurture leads to purchase with inbound marketing campaigns. We’ll create educational content that speaks to your prospects’ needs and engages them in a meaningful way.

Sales Enablement

SaaS Sales Enablement

Get your sales team set up for success with our sales enablement services. We’ll work with you to build a strong foundation and processes to enable your sales team to do what they do best: sell!

Customer Retention

SaaS Retention Services

Retaining clients is absolutely crucial to growing your fintech company. We’ll work with you to develop custom retention strategies that will keep your customers loyal for years.

Video Services

B2B SaaS Video Production

Develop a rapport with your audience with engaging videos that extend the reach of your content, illustrate your brand and build trust. 

Web Design and Development

SaaS Web Design

Ensure your website is just as cutting-edge as your fintech solution. We’ll partner to create a search engine-optimized website that will attract more leads and optimize web conversions.

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