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Crushing LinkedIn benchmarks for both an insurtech brand and its CEO

BenefitPitch is an insurtech marketplace where benefits professionals can connect with solution providers. It helps vendors looking to sell benefits solutions reach the right decision-makers and influencers looking for new products—a win-win!

Finding an impactful approach to reach users

Dave Kerrigan, Founder & CEO of BenefitPitch sought Accelity’s help to increase his brand’s reach and get the word out about his startup. Vendors and brokers can use BenefitPitch for free, but there are buy-ups for additional features to get noticed by brokers. BenefitPitch needed help marketing those buy-ups and growing their user base. They needed a solid brand foundation and awareness strategy plan to grab prospects’ attention.

As a lean startup, I rely on my partners to deliver–and Accelity has delivered!  Whether it’s the corporate strategy work I do or the day-to-day management that Accelity provides, I feel like my marketing needs are well managed by a capable and creative team.  We’re currently having fun with The Masked Broker–and wow, did the Accelity team get creative!  I highly recommend Accelity–they’ve been a trusted partner of mine for a number of years now.” 

Dave Kerrigan,
Founder & CEO

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An insurtech game show takes LinkedIn by storm

If there was one thing we knew about this engagement, it was that we were going to have fun. Our goal was to build brand pieces, create inbound marketing content, and grow both Dave’s and the company’s followings on LinkedIn to ultimately boost BenefitPitch users. 

Having a charismatic CEO willing to be the face of the company is powerful in helping the audience develop an affinity for the brand. Together we developed a campaign called “The Masked Broker,” where Dave interviews a broker in disguise about the dos and don’ts vendors should know when working with their firm.

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The series has been a huge success, delivering insights that bring major value to BenefitPitch’s solution partner users. 

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