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Increasing demo requests for a growing insurtech company by 4x

Bindable is a Boston-based insurtech company that turned a product they developed for their own team into a major sales opportunity. Their software helps enterprise companies, independent agencies and affiliate distributors stay competitive by going digital. 

Convincing a tech-resistant industry to embrace change

Bindable needed audience awareness and new leads to grow—but they didn’t have a strong marketing funnel. If you’ve worked in insurance, you know the industry can be slooow to adopt new tech. (Is that an understatement? Maybe.) That means Bindable’s marketing has to be compelling AF to make their audience want to change. That’s where we came in.

Delaney Hutchins of Bindable

The process works. During our first campaign, exactly the type of big lead we want scheduled a demo.” 

Delaney Hutchins,
Business Development Associate

Killer content + the right audience = tons more leads

Accelity took a two-pronged approach to building the foundation for Bindable’s lead generation strategy. 

We began by creating educational content campaigns that showed Bindable’s audience why their customers would love technology solutions (and how it wouldn’t take away from the personal relationships the industry is built on). We also helped develop targeted email lists to ensure the marketing campaigns reached the right audience. 

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This strategy steadily led to more marketing-qualified leads and demo requests. After one year together, we saw the inbound marketing engine generate major results: Bindable saw the same amount of leads in just one quarter as in the entire year prior. What can we say? Good marketing works. 😉

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