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Creating an insurtech brand that’s larger than life

Dynamis was (yep, ‘was’, keep reading) an insurtech company creating plan design software for insurance brokers. This Milwaukee-based insurtech grew up fast—thanks in part to stellar marketing—and after a lot of interest from potential suitors, they were acquired by Applied Systems. Pretty cool, huh? Here’s how we helped.

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Growing your company at light speed

Dynamis needed help taking its solution to insurance brokers across the country, ASAP. Their top goal was generating qualified leads, which was tough to do without a marketing program in place. Dynamis had tested the marketing waters with a few agencies before coming to Accelity—and nothing worked.

Dynamis needed support in many areas, including a new website, content marketing, email campaigns, sales collateral and more, but like most small businesses, could not hire an entire marketing department to handle these projects. They worked with three other firms who promised to deliver a marketing engine … but that didn’t happen. Guess who finally built them one? Spoiler alert: it was us. 😉 

From startup to best in the biz

Our first step was refreshing the Dynamis website, giving them more credibility not only with customers but with potential employees and investors. Then, using our team’s insurance expertise, we built a sales and marketing engine powered by HubSpot and Salesforce, with compelling content to nurture leads every step of the way.

With Accelity’s forward-thinking content marketing strategy, Dynamis saw consistent growth year over year. We helped them become THE expert in plan modeling in the country. That’s awesome—but that wasn’t even our biggest win. The super-strong online presence we built resulted in their successful exit, with some of the country’s top insurtech and fintech companies competing to invest. 

By working with Accelity, Dynamis achieved its exit goal via acquisition by a large industry player. During our four years together, Dynamis saw:

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Take a look at what Accelity created for Dynamis

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