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Dynamis is a technology company that creates plan design software for insurance brokers. The company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was founded to improve the employer-sponsored health care process using innovative technology solutions.


the challenge

Dynamis needed help taking its solution to insurance brokers across the country faster. Their top goal was generating qualified leads, which was a difficult process without a marketing program in place. Dynamis needed support in many areas, including a new website, content marketing, email campaigns, sales collateral and more — but like most small businesses, could not hire a full marketing department to handle these projects.

our process

As the outsourced marketing department and CMO for Dynamis, Accelity implemented HubSpot as the foundation for a full inbound marketing strategy. Accelity’s marketing plan focused on lead generation through various inbound activities such as content marketing, videos, blogging, email marketing and more.

Through working with Accelity, Dynamis achieved its exit goal via acquisition by a large industry player


return on monthly investment


annual recurring marketing revenue


successful exit

Here’s a sample of the work Accelity did for Dynamis

Working with Dynamis