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Connecting audiences to healthtech benefits with a fresh and functional website

Get Well as a solution-driven, human-centric industry expert who understands the patient-healthcare provider dynamics thanks to more than two decades in the biz. We love a brand that tells you exactly what their mission is right in the name! 

Wanted: a consistent brand experience

Get Well came to us looking for help translating their recent product branding update to their website. They had several goals in mind for their website project. They wanted to demonstrate their true value by showcasing the problems their software solves, rather than the products they have (clearly they did their marketing homework!). Maintaining—and improving—their SEO was also important; they didn’t want to lose any of the SEO juice they’d built by moving to a new site.


Let’s implement a glow-up

Our team got to work developing Get Well’s new site. We started by auditing existing content and analyzing traffic patterns. Then, we built a site structure that made it easier for prospects to learn more about how the software helps them. We helped refresh copy and design based on their new brand and goals, paying extra attention to SEO. 

The biggest value in our partnership with Get Well was the collaborative working relationship. They had their own copy and design resources and engaged our team as strategic and creative consultants. “Does this help us accomplish our goal?” “What are your recommendations?” We served as a backboard for their ideas and provided marketing expertise. 

As with any website work, Get Well also wanted to be able to maintain the site internally and to iterate after their engagement ended. We set them up with a process guide including branding, style and instructions, and with website templates so they could easily add content as needed.

Here’s what Accelity delivered

Stronger on-page & technical SEO

A modern website design
Easy-to-follow site navigation

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