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Creating an insurtech site that preps leads to purchase

PerfectQuote is an Austin-based insurtech changing the way brokers quote with web-based, group insurance configure-price-quote software. PerfectQuote enables brokers and general agents to digitally procure, analyze and sell group health insurance in less time and with fewer errors.

Showing brokers there’s a better way

Brokers and general agents are all too familiar with the tedious process that goes into quoting benefits. PerfectQuote was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way to provide more options to employers without creating more work for agencies. 

But since brokers have been quoting “the old way” for so long, they weren’t investigating whether there really was a faster, more accurate way to quote. PerfectQuote needed help convincing their target market that there is a technical solution to replace their current workflows. Inbound marketing is perfect for educating audiences and funneling them into the sales cycle, but it hinges on one key piece: you need a stellar website for prospects to visit.

“Accelity Marketing has been a wonderful marketing partner for PerfectQuote. From the outset and throughout PerfectQuote’s engagement of Accelity, the Accelity team consistently and clearly communicated purpose, goals and expectations as well as provided excellent consultative services and a high level of deliverables.” 

Aaron Snyder, President / COO 

A website that shows brokers the future of the industry

Before Accelity got to work with an extensive marketing plan, we refreshed PerfectQuote’s brand and did a website overhaul. 

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We started with a refreshed brand palette that showed off a sleek, sophisticated vibe for a company that’s bringing about the future of insurance quoting. With client feedback, we landed on a bright-but-edgy look. 

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We designed colorful, accessible product mock-ups that made it easy for the audience to understand what PerfectQuote could do and placed those throughout the site. Everyone loves to see the software—especially for something new like this—but tbh, screenshots can sometimes be overwhelming. 

This new and improved site became the foundation of our marketing campaigns, so when audiences clicked to learn more, they found themselves on an eye-catching, easy-to-understand site that sold PerfectQuote’s value. One prospect reached out ready to buy after reading 44 pages of content!

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