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Reaching new buyers in global markets for a transportation software company

Swvl is a Dubai, UAE-based transportation and software service that saw a huge opportunity to transform the industry. Through their tech-based solutions, Swvl develops transportation systems even in emerging markets like Kenya, Malaysia and parts of Egypt.

Keeping up with rapid, global expansion

Swvl Business has had massive growth in the past few years–with several mergers and acquisitions across the world from Queen’s Gambit to Latin America. They needed to implement a lead generation process and expand their reach on digital platforms—all while navigating different languages, cultures and needs.

“The Accelity team … is extremely good at managing timelines and all the moving pieces. Love that they give me feedback and subtly call me on my BS when needed.”

Gautham Gopakumaran, Senior Growth Marketer

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The multinational marketing playbook

Accelity created a strategic marketing foundation to get in front of Swvl’s target audience ASAP—in 30+ cities worldwide. Additionally, we produced content that was well outside of traditional (read: kinda boring) marketing collateral. Anyone remember the quizzes in Seventeen Magazine? We brought that format and energy to Swvl Business… and it worked.

We also ran multiple ad campaigns simultaneously to generate and qualify leads, all with a goal of replicating the process in new markets as they expand.

In the first 6 months, Accelity helped Swvl generate: 

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